How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 96.


What if Julie doesn’t like going to the football? What if she’s freaked out by being in a stadium surrounded by more people than the population of her home town in New Zealand? What if she just doesn’t understand what being a Liverpool supporter is all about?

These were the thoughts running through my mind as we passed through the turnstiles and entered Anfield’s Main Stand to see Liverpool v Derby on Saturday 25th October 1997, Julie’s first game.

We’d met in New Zealand and got married there in 1987. We moved to Australia together in 1990 and made the move to England in February 1997 so I could work on the air at 2CRFM in Bournemouth. Now we were here, at the football ground where my dad used to take me.

Memories started flooding back from MY first game. I remember a lot about that special day. Like my dad agreeing for an older kid to “mind your car mister”. I remember I was small enough to be lifted over the turnstiles and then sat on my dad’s knee for the whole match, the two of us sharing his season ticket seat in the old Kemlyn Road stand. I remember the trilby on the man in front of us that obscured part of my view but if Liverpool were attacking and the ball came out from the other side of that trilby there was a good chance we’d score. I remember the noise when Roger Hunt did eventually score that first goal and the man in the trilby shouting “Ee aye addio, Liverpool scored a goal!” and I remember the sausage rolls my mother had made us being dispensed from a biscuit tin at half time. I remember all of that but to my lasting shame, I don’t remember who we played. It just wasn’t important, I was watching Liverpool, not “them”.

Since we’d first met, I’d told Julie all about Liverpool and why there’s no other football club like it. She seemed to understand but would she “get it” and where would that leave our marriage if she didn’t?

Find out in another Craic.

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