It’s Curtains For Windows!


I’ve never got on with Windows computers.

If it isn’t the “blue screen of death”, it’s the frozen screen and the “control/alt/delete” (which only fixes it half the time anyway). If I’m not turning it off and back on again, I’m being threatened that “your computer may be a risk”. I don’t even have to be near the computer to be subjected to cyber-terrorism. Every couple of months, the TV news puts up a graphic of a skull and crossbones and warns me of the latest virus which has a name that sounds like an episode of Doctor Who.

Now I’ve got a Mac. No blue, no death, no threats, why is that? The hardware can’t be that different. I’m now convinced that it’s actually Windows that wrecks computers.

I don’t run any Microsoft programs on my Mac. I don’t have any virus software so I don’t have to keep paying to keep it up to date. My operating systems are automatically updated and that’s all free as well.

A strange thing happened last night though. I was sitting in our ground floor flat when I heard a loud noise outside. I looked and out there on the pavement was a smashed up Macbook Air. It had fallen from the flat upstairs.

That computer should have stayed away from Windows.

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