How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 93.


It’s weird how events tend to connect up in unexpected ways. There was a nice unintended consequence of having our tiny little Daihatsu Centro shipped from Australia when Julie and I moved to the UK.

When we lived in Gosford on the New South Wales Central Coast, the bloke who cut my hair was from Essex. Something he’d heard me do on the air at 2GO reminded him of something he’d heard on some cassettes he’d been sent by a friend of his who lived in Liverpool. He ended up loaning me the tapes. It was a radio show on BBC Radio Merseyside called “Hold Your Plumbs”.

“Hold Your Plumbs” was a phone-in quiz and the clever thing the host Billy Butler did was never take an incorrect answer as a final answer. Listeners kept giving wrong answers to easy questions and Billy kept helping them get it right. It was hilarious!

I can clearly remember the first time I listened to the “Hold Your Plumbs” tapes. We were driving in our new car from Gosford to Sydney on the F3 freeway. We laughed for almost the whole hour of the drive.

In October 1997, Julie and I were living in Bournemouth on England’s South Coast. We had a weekend away in Liverpool which included watching Liverpool play Derby at Anfield (more on Julie’s first game in another Craic) and a visit to where I grew up. On the Sunday, we pulled out of the car park at the Adelphi where we were staying, turned on the radio and listened to “Hold Your Plumbs” live.

The strange thing is, we were listening to “Hold Your Plumbs” live on the other side of the world to where we’s first heard it, but we were in THE SAME CAR!

Craic on!

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