How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 92.


They say some of the most stressful things you can go through are, changing jobs, moving house, and a death in the family. We went through all of those and a bit more besides in 1997.

In February I got a job as the Breakfast Presenter on 2CRFM in Bournemouth England, so Julie and I moved to the UK from Australia. In the June, Julie’s brother died in a car accident in New Zealand. We both went back to her home town in Northland New Zealand for the funeral. The week we got back to Britain, Julie’s dad was diagnosed with cancer. In July, the large crack in the ceiling in our rented one-bedroom flat in Boscombe got even bigger, just before big chunks of concrete came crashing down as the entire living room ceiling caved in. We ran into the kitchen for cover. Luckily we weren’t hurt but now had to find somewhere else to live and move house again.

It’s tough when all of that happens in one year. It all happened to us, in less than six months.

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