Look Out, I’m a Cycle Path!



I want cyclists to be safe. Unfortunately, some cyclists don’t agree with me.

Look at the picture above. It shows the spot where a cyclist on this road, which has a speed limit of 60mph, was riding at least two yards from the curb. This is the direction I was heading. When I drove around this corner, he was at the top of the hill. He didn’t move over and I only just squeezed past him, narrowly missing that bollard.

When I told this story in my Craic a couple of days ago, I got a lot of flack from cyclists because I said he’d be safer riding on the pavement. Some were outraged that I’d suggest such a thing.

I’m not the only one who thinks he would have been safer on the footpath. Look closely at the left hand side of the picture. You’ll see a blue sign that shows that cyclists on this bit of road should be on the pavement.

Craic on!

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