I don’t understand wildlife.

This morning driving to work, I had to stop because a deer was stood in the middle of the main road. It was before 5am, so I was the only car for miles. I thought, he’ll move away as I get closer but no, he just stood there. I ended up coming to a full stop about ten feet in front of him.

He turned and looked me in the eye, I said, “hello”. He was beautiful, one of those little muntjac deer. I realised this would make a brilliant photo, I reached into my breast pocket to where I keep my iPhone. It wasn’t there, it was plugged into the cigarette lighter charging up. I found it, unplugged it and held it up ready to take a snap.

As soon as he saw the phone, he darted to the other side of the road, ran up the embankment, through the hedge and he was gone.

How come when a car is racing towards you at 60 miles an hour, it’s no big deal but when you see a mobile phone, you’re terrified?

Craic on!

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