Elvis Has Left The Boeing


These new e-passports are a con. I found out first hand this week.

There’s a lot of fuss right now about e-passports which have a chip in them so they’re supposed to be more secure. I read on http://www.zdnet.com that they’re easy to clone and fake. They even published this picture of Elvis Presley’s e-passport taken from a passport scanner at a Dutch airport which showed up with no alarms or errors.



When I returned from New York on Tuesday, I stood in the e-passport queue at Heathrow Terminal 5 because it was shorter. I got to a booth with footprints painted on the floor which I put my feet on, placed my passport picture face down on the scanner, looked at the camera, waited about two seconds then Star Trek doors opened and let me back into Great Britain.

It was on the way to customs that I noticed a little old man sitting at a computer monitor. As I walked behind him I saw that he was staring at a split-screen. At the top was the passport photos that had been scanned in the Star Trek booths and below them the images taken by the camera you had to look at.

If these e-passports are so clever, why do they need a little bald bloke sat on a stool to match up every single photo? Is it because a younger person wouldn’t recognise Elvis?

Craic on!

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