Love is Blind


Like most married men, I suffer from a condition known as ‘Domestic Blindness’. D.B. sufferers are unable to find everyday household objects even when they’re right in front of us.

I got a great surprise birthday present from Julie. She bought me a Marshall guitar amp fridge. It’s made by the same people that make the world famous Marshall amps but it’s a fridge! The front of it is authentic Marshall, black grill cloth, gold face plate, inputs and control knobs that actually turn and go to 11!

She ‘hid’ it from me in our spare room. We still have a couple of cardboard boxes in there left over from when we moved in. All she did was drape a block cloth over the fridge box and put it in there with the others. It had been there for TWO WEEKS and I had no idea it was there! I’d put cups of tea down on it, stroked the cats who liked to sprawl out on it and leaned on it while I was on the computer.

It looks like my DB is getting worse. It used to just be pens, keys and scissors that I couldn’t see, now I’ve failed to notice a 4.4 cubic foot fridge! I must have developed a chronic form of Domestic Blindness, full blown “Domestic Appliance Blindness”!

Craic on!

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