How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 78.


There’s a lot to sort out when you move house. It’s even more complicated when you move to another country and you don’t actually have a house to move into.

In February 1997, Julie and I moved from Australia to England. I presented my last show on 2GO on the New South Wales Central Coast because I’d got a job as the Breakfast Show host at 2CR FM in Bournemouth.

We wanted to travel light so we sold most of our furniture. The big problem was the car. We’d bought a brand new car almost a year earlier. It was the cheapest new car you could buy in Australia at the time, a Daihatsu Centro. We tried to sell it but realised that because cars depreciate so much in that first year, it was cheaper to ship it to England.

I knew that when we got to the UK and told people were were having our car shipped over from Australia, they’d think that we must own a super-car or a classic. How were we going to explain that what we’d shipped half way around the world was actually a three cylinder 650cc budget Japanese hatchback?


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