Antisocial Media


Anyone who says they understand Linkedin is lying. That’s because no one understands Linkedin. When you ask out loud in a crowded office, “What’s the point of Linkedin?”, I guarantee that at least one smug idiot will roll their eyes and say the word “networking”. I found out this week that that’s the biggest lie of all.

I can’t remember what it was that pushed me over the edge and made me join this utterly useless, waste of time but I think it had something to do with people constantly “inviting” me to join.

Now that I’m on Linkedin, I get requests from people I don’t know asking me to connect with them. I always click “accept” and then get presented with a page of people I might like to connect with so I blindly click a load of those as well. I don’t know ANY of the people I ask to connect with, my decision to choose them is usually random but may be based on what they look like in their picture and where they live in the world. I do tend to lean towards, the USA, Australia, Liverpool and London. I also chose people who don’t have a profile picture because I figured that if they don’t even know how to upload a photo, they must know even less about LinkedIn than I do.

Yesterday I got an email from Linkedin warning me that my account has been restricted because they’ve had several notifications from people I’ve asked to connect with who say they don’t know me.

Hang on, you’re supposed to actually KNOW the person you connect with? I don’t know ANY of the people that ask to connect with me! What’s the point of connecting with people you already know? You don’t need Linkedin for that, you just email, phone or talk to them BECAUSE YOU ALREADY KNOW THEM!

And what about these people that only want to be connected to people they already know, why did they join a social media site on the internet? If you don’t want strangers contacting you, why did you post a detailed bio about yourself on the WORLD WIDE WEB for millions of people to see? It’s called LInked IN, not “Get-Out-Of-My-Face-Book”!

When Paul Weller wrote “The Changing Man” there was no such thing as Linkedin but he describes the experience of it perfectly with these words;

And the more I see – the more I know
The more I know – the less I understand. 

Craic on!

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