Fat Chancer


There is no such thing as an “Obesity Epidemic”.

Obesity isn’t a disease, it’s caused by an over-active fork! If you’re fat, it’s YOUR own fault. You’re the one who is eating too much and not doing enough exercise. It’s not the government’s fault, it’s YOUR fault. The government can’t help you, only YOU can do that.

But governments are wasting millions on health initiatives designed to make us all eat healthier and exercise more. Politicians are accepting responsibility for our lack of self control, that’s not healthy.

It’s all mind games played by governments to distract us from the things they ARE responsible for. Instead of getting on with sorting out things they can actually have an influence over, they’re confusing and misdirecting us by pretending to fix things they can’t control.

They’re twisting things around. They’re telling you that you’re NOT responsible for things that are clearly YOUR own responsibility. What’s worse is, they’re making you believe that you’re directly to blame for things that THEY messed up, like, the environment. Yes, the environment is in a bad way and it’s serious but they’re blaming YOU and it’s NOT your fault!

Governments decide how electricity is generated and they are the ones who set emission limits on the burning of fossil fuels. THEY have failed to do enough about the problem and now they’re blaming you. Some people are falling for it, they actually believe that riding a bike to the supermarket and taking a re-usable bag with them will save the world and that anyone who doesn’t do that is evil.

We need energy to power our vehicles, heat our homes, cook our food and fuel industry and provide jobs. We’re told by politicians that the environment is messed up because WE are using too much energy. They make us feel as though every time we leave a light on, a penguin dies in Antarctica. As the world’s population increases, the demand for energy keeps going up. There is no way we can use any less, we’re going to need more. The answer is for the politicians of the world to invest in renewable energy and regulate how electricity is produced. Instead of that, they’re making us feel guilty about ANY energy we use and gouging us with “green” taxes to punish us for THEIR failure to do enough about the problem.

This brain washing was taken to a scary level in 2006 by the politician Al Gore and his sinister film “An Inconvenient Truth”. In the film he’s seen flying around the world in giant fossil fuel burning aircraft telling innocent people that they’re destroying the world by flying in giant fossil fuel burning aircraft. The science in the film doesn’t stack up either, the High Court in Britain ruled that Gore’s documentary contained nine significant errors. He was the Vice President of the most influential super-power in the world but waited till he was out of office before he went around blaming the very people he was supposed to have been representing, for the mess that the politicians refuse to clean up.

Meanwhile Gore has been an energy glutton, using private jets and owning multiple very large homes. The Tennessee Centre for Policy Research (TCPR) has twice criticized Gore for electricity consumption in his Tennessee home. In February 2007, TCPR stated that its analysis of records from the Nashville Electric Service indicated that the Gore household used “TWENTY TIMES as much electricity as the average household”.

OK, so obesity is your own fault and climate change isn’t your fault. How are these two things connected? Well, after “An Inconvenient Truth” came out, Al Gore got fat.

Craic on!

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