Taking The Metal Mickey


Historically wars have been ended through a combination of tech and talk. From radar to the atom bomb, technology has always helped to end wars but they don’t end till there’s been talks. Tech and talk has also stopped wars from starting in the first place.

Somehow, the tech and talk answer has been missed by campaigners against the development of fully autonomous weapons. They have urged the United Nations to draft a global treaty outlawing their use. They don’t think robots should be allowed to decide who they kill.

Right now that decision is left to politicians and people with extreme religious views, is that better? Often they make irrational and emotional decisions based on their interpretation of words written hundreds or thousands of years ago. Robots don’t have political or religious views and don’t have emotions. Maybe it would be better if a decision as important as taking a life was made using logic alone.

Right now, the biggest casualties of war are our finest people. They are the best people we have, loyal, dedicated, patriotic, heroic, well trained, disciplined and young. Wouldn’t it be better if all our combat forces were robots and they fought against armies of ‘enemy’ robots?

Now we have an opportunity to end war’s massive, senseless loss of life forever. Shouldn’t we at least be talking about that? A global treaty outlawing the use of killer robots will put an end to the tech and the talk.

Craic On!

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