Word of Mouse


I can’t understand why someone who works nine feet away from you in an open-plan office will lean over and say “I’ve just sent you an email”.

Does office etiquette dictate that TALKING is to be kept to a bare minimum? I don’t know that much about working in an office because until I got my first radio job, I’d never worked in one. I was an air-conditioning engineer in high-rise buildings in Sydney Australia. My office was a plant room or a van. Before that, I was a pipefitter on an oil refinery construction site. As you can imagine, communication at work then was a lot more direct and ALWAYS verbal.

OK, so office communication is never going to be as straightforward as when a foreman told me that something anatomically impossible had happened to a welding machine (and I understood exactly what he meant), but how about you talk to me first then follow it up with an email?

Craic on!

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