The Geek That Inherited The Earth


Computer software doesn’t work. It never has, it always goes wrong. The scary thing is, no one really knows why or how to fix it.

Turning your computer off and back on again isn’t the same as fixing it. That creates the illusion of repaired. Re-booting it makes the problem go away but how can you say you’ve fixed something if you’ve no idea what was wrong with it? The answer is, it isn’t fixed it will go wrong again. It will keep going wrong until you decide it’s become obsolete and buy more of it. The new software will go wrong for no reason as well.

No other product is as unreliable or needs to be upgraded so often. If it isn’t broken, it warns you that it will break unless you pay to upgrade your virus protection. You pay and upgrade, then after you’ve downloaded even more new software, it stops working again.

Bill Gates owes his entire fortune to computer software. I don’t know where he’s invested all of that money but I think we should be suspicious if it turns out that he owns stock in any company that makes headache cures.

Craic on!

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