The Man From Uncle.


A Saturday morning children’s radio show host signed off with, “Well boys and girls, that’s all we’ve got time for this week, be nice to each other till next week”. Then, not realising his mike was still live, he said on the air, “That should keep the little buggers quiet…”

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been told a version of that story. I’ve lived and worked in three different countries and in each one I’ve been told many times that it really happened. Usually the person telling me is someone I’ve just met and they’ve just found out that I work on the radio. Sometimes they tell me, THEY were listening at the time.

It’s amazing how many times the same incident has occurred in almost exactly the same way on different radio stations in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Often I’m told the name of the radio station or that it happened “years ago” on the station I’m working for at the time. Sometimes the host is given a name which usually begins with “Uncle”.

Considering the same on-air mistake keeps happening all over the world, I’m surprised that I can’t find any evidence whatsoever to suggest that it ever did.

I get told the story about once a year. I’m too polite to tell the story teller that I know it isn’t true. I used to just act mildly surprised but lately, I’ve been saying, “I heard about that”.

Next time, I’m just going to say, “Yes, that was me, I’m Uncle Graham”.

Craic on!

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