How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain Part 63.


I’ve been in trouble many times for things I’ve done on the radio but once I nearly got one of my listeners the sack.

In 1995 I was working on the air at 2GO on the New South Wales Central Coast. It was where I first learned how to run a digital play-out system. All of the audio on the radio station was played by a computer. It also meant you could do voice-tracking. That’s where you record your voice links and the computer mixes them with the music & commercials and plays them out when you’re not there. I did a recorded voice-tracked show that went out on Saturday nights, 6pm to midnight. When you add that to the five 7pm to midnight shifts I did live Monday to Friday and the live Sunday afternoon show I did, noon to 6pm, I was on the air at 2GO for thirty-seven hours a week, thirty-one of them, live.

The Saturday night show was a 50s and 60s music show. I wasn’t allowed to play music that old on my week-night shows so if someone called up for a request and wanted a 50s or 60s tune, I recorded the call and edited our conversation into the voice-tracked Saturday night show. I always told the listeners who called in during the week that they’d have to wait till Saturday night and they were always fine with that. I used to get four or five calls a night that I could use in the Saturday show. When the six hour show played out on the Saturday night, you’d hear me chatting away to callers and playing their songs, about four times every hour even though I was never there.

It fooled my boss who stopped me in the corridor one afternoon and asked me if I’d been coming in on Saturday nights to present the show live. When I explained how it was done, my boss was impressed but the boss of one of my listeners wasn’t. He’d heard one of his employees on the air one Saturday night when he was supposed to be busy at work.

I forget what this bloke’s job was but it was something important and you couldn’t do it if you were calling a radio station asking for Eddie Cochran songs. I ended up having to call his boss to explain how the Saturday night show worked so he could keep his job.

Craic on!

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