It’s St George’s Day in England

Our country that was once the best

Now so full of problems

You can’t help but feel depressed.


But there are things we can still be proud of

Things every day you may have missed

And since you’ve called them through to me

I’ve made a little list.


First, English pubs

Where we meet and get along

Next it’s English birds

Who sing the sweetest song.


When they want to dig a hole,

The world uses JCB

And when the job is done

We’ll have an English cup of tea.


Let’s here it for Harry Potter

Who they all love across the pond

England’s greatest super-hero

Since we gave the world James Bond.


Oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is

English Pantomime

Showing off our English sense of humour

At our English Christmas time.


What about some fat chips?

Followed by a 99 ice-cream

The best football in the world

And support for your your local team.


If you don’t follow football

Maybe rugby is for you

And if you don’t like our fat chips much

We do the best Vindaloo.


What about English industry

We make everything from widgets to cars

In Stevenage they build the vehicles

That will drive around on Mars.


Look at the English countryside

Hard to beat this time of year

So sit back back and relax

With an English pint of beer.


It’s a great place to live

And I’m sure you will agree

There’ll always be an England

Home to you and me.

Craic on!

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