How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain Part 52.


“I really like what’s on your demo tape, do you ever get over this way?”

When you’re looking for on-air work, those are the sweetest words you can hear. In 1994, I was presenting the Breakfast show on 5SE in South Australia but I was looking for a new gig because a new Program Director had arrived and was making life difficult for me. I was about three months into my search for my next job when I checked my answer-phone at home after work one evening. The voice on the cassette belonged to Mark Vale, the Program Director at 3GG in Warragul, Victoria.

I had no idea where Warragul was, I wouldn’t have even been able to find it on a map. When I did look it up, it turned out that Warragul is 442km from Mount Gambier where we lived. It’s in a different state, literally a different time zone.  It would have been a six and a half hour drive each way but we didn’t own a car because we didn’t have any money.

I had no alternative, when I called Mark Vale back, I had to say the only thing I could under the circumstances, “As a matter of fact, I’m going to be in Warragul on Saturday”.

Craic on!

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