Fuel if You Think it’s Over


Politicians can’t seem to grasp the fact that THEY WORK FOR US. They’re always behaving as if we work for them.

In Paris on Monday, only cars with odd-numbered number plates were allowed to drive. It’s supposed to reduce pollution.

This is where politics becomes sinister. No one wants pollution but cars run on fossil fuels which pollute. We’ve known that for a very long time but governments have not done enough to regulate the fuel manufacturers to make sure they produce cleaner fuel. The politicians failed us and now our cities are polluted.

Instead of admitting that they failed the people who voted for them, they’re blaming these people, the ones they’re supposed to be representing and now they are punishing them!

The irony is, that if this stupid idea continues, those who can afford to will just buy ANOTHER car that has the opposite number! And it’ll be a cheap old car that’s not as fuel efficient as their current late model car and pollution will get WORSE!

Craic on!

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