I should run my own country.

You may have worked out that I’m not happy with the way this country is run. There are too many politicians, they make bad decisions, waste too much time and are over-paid dishonest power-hungry megalomaniacs.

The Government has announced a 1% pay rise for public sector workers, including nurses and has withheld the rise altogether for 600,000 health workers.

This is the same government that plans to give MPs an 11% pay rise. Of course, not that many MPs are prepared to openly support the 11% pay rise. The Prime Minister has said an 11% pay rise for MPs is “unacceptable” but when the Labour MP John Mann tabled an Early Day Motion calling for the increase to be limited to 1%, in line with the rest of the public sector, only ten MPs, put their names to it. David Cameron was not one of them. MPs don’t seem to realise that THEY are public sector workers too.

When I eventually establish the Independent Republic of Mackistan, MPs will get paid what nurses get. You want a pay rise? Pay nurses more. Not happy? Get a real job.

Craic on!

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