Nutter on the Bus


Only an idiot thinks bus lanes are a good idea.

According to the government’s official figures, there are 34.6 million vehicles licensed for use on the roads in Great Britain. Most of them (28.7 million) are cars, the rest are vans, goods vehicles and motorbikes. Buses are the least popular motor vehicle. So why do buses get their own lanes? Why do I have to sit still in a line of traffic when the next lane to me (the bus lane) is completely empty? I wouldn’t mind so much if bus lanes were full of buses!

Not only are there fewer of them but buses are also the slowest motor vehicles on our roads as well. No matter how fast they get to go in their special lane, they still insist on stopping all of the time which cancels out any advantage. Giving priority to the slowest vehicles makes no sense at all. Look at motor racing, there’s the occasional traffic jam but for the most part, traffic flows quite well and that’s all because it’s the fastest not the slowest that gets priority on the grid. Surely if you want to reduce congestion on our roads and keep things moving, there should be dedicated lanes just for cars.

The only vehicles slower and less popular than buses on our roads are bicycles. And they get given their own lanes as well!!!!

Craic on!

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