This morning, the alarm on my iPhone woke me up. I got up and watched Sky News on the phone while I shaved. While eating breakfast I opened up my Chromebook, checked my email and posted a link to my blog on Twitter. I drove to work listening to the Adam Carolla Show Podcast. I presented my three hour radio program, which included emails from listeners and we called a few people back who’d left messages on the BOB fm Facebook page. After the show I edited together the best bits and posted them as a podcast. I downloaded some music to freshen up the radio station playlist, watched a Youtube video and was interviewed by Trevor Dann from the Radio Today website. I sent the audio to Trevor as an mp3 via a you-send-it website. I wrote my column for the Morning Mouth email newsletter in the USA, saved it to Google Drive, attached some pictures and sent it to Don Anthony in Atlanta. I drove home listening to Howard Stern live from New York via the HiDef radio app on my phone. Now I’m home, I’m writing this blog and looking forward to going to bed, where I’ll switch on my iPad, check Twitter, my email and the newspaper websites then I’ll watch iPlayer and read my eBook via the Kindle app.

Today the internet is 25 years old, how did we ever live without it?

Craic on!

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