Sound Advice


Nobody ever turns on the radio hoping to hear something they don’t like.

I listen back to recordings of the Breakfast Show I present on JACKfm every day. I’m looking for good bits I can keep and use as “Mack Nuggets” in the podcasts I put online. That’s the only stuff I keep. Our logging system automatically erases the recordings of the show every three months so anything that I don’t think is worth keeping disappears for ever.

Radio presenters don’t often listen back to their shows and if they do, they’re usually listening for things that didn’t go well. There’s a management technique in radio called an “aircheck session” where you listen to a recording of your show with your boss and they point out all of the things you did badly. The thing is, listeners don’t turn on the radio hoping to catch the presenter out, they really want them to be great. Listening for good stuff makes more sense, you listen more like a listener.

The same is true in life. Everyone you interact with wants the experience to be a good one, they want you to be great. Maybe we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over things that didn’t work out. The fact that you’re alive and have access to the internet to read this blog means that something must be going right in your life. Good stuff, no matter how small or insignificant must be happening to you all of the time. When you run a mental aircheck of your day, are you dwelling on the negative stuff? The good news is, you get to choose what to keep and enjoy again and what to just let disappear for ever. Why choose to keep hold of the bad stuff?

Craic on!

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