How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain Part 43.


The flashing blue lights came towards me, the police car stopped and one of the officers told me to get in.

It was 1994, I was presenting the Breakfast show on 5SE Mount Gambier in South Australia. The two bedroom house we rented was a couple of miles from the radio station, we couldn’t afford a car so before 5am every morning, I walked to work.

One morning, the police decided to check out this strange bloke walking along in the dark carrying a brief case. When I told them I was on my way to 5SE to present the breakfast show, they said, “Get in, we’ll give you a lift!”

The cops asked for a quick tour of the radio station, stayed for a cup of tea and sat in on the first hour of the show. We chatted on the air about some of the things they come across in the early hours of the morning and they picked out a couple of their favourite tunes to play.

They asked me where I lived and from then on, they picked me up from home every morning and took me to work in the police car.

Craic on!

You can listen to what I sounded like back then, here


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