Thinkin’ of Linkin’


“Debbie” from Aberdeen has just endorsed me for “broadcasting” on Linkedin. I’ve never met Debbie and have never been on the radio in Scotland. What does it all mean? Does she listen to my show on the internet? The truth is, I just don’t ‘get’ Linkedin.

Every day I get contact requests from people I’ve never met and probably never will. I click “accept”, then I’m asked to send contact requests to pages of other people I don’t know. I blindly click about a page worth and days later find out I’ve only been accepted by one or two of them. I have no idea why they haven’t accepted me, especially as I accept every contact request I get. Am I doing it wrong? Do I need a better picture?

I get messages with photos of people who’ve viewed my profile but I have no idea why or how these total strangers even know I’ve got one. A couple of times a week I’m told I’ve been “endorsed” by people I don’t know for things like “radio presenting”. Amazingly I’ve managed to stay employed full time as a radio presenter for more than twenty years. I thought that was the only endorsement I needed but no, now I’ve been endorsed by “Terry” who works in IT in Colchester. Every time I get “endorsed” I’m asked to “endorse” pages of other people. I have no idea if they have any of the skills I’m endorsing them for but click away like a monkey in a lab experiment hoping to get a peanut.

Sometimes I actually recognise people I’m asked to endorse. They’re usually people I’ve worked with in radio but I’m asked to endorse them for skills I know for a fact they don’t have. I’ve lost count of the amount of radio people I’ve endorsed for “television production”. I even endorsed a former radio station engineer who could barely string two coherent sentences together for “story telling”.

Linkedin has just asked me if I want to endorse Debbie from Aberdeen for “aerobics”. I don’t know Debbie, I’ve never been to Aberdeen and don’t know the first thing about aerobics but hey, she looks like a nice enough person in the picture and she did endorse me, so she gets my click. Now where’s my peanut?

Craic on!

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