How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain Part 40.


In August 1994 I started on the air at 5SE in Mount Gambier in South Australia.

We found a nice little two bedroom house to rent on Boomerang Avenue. I know that sounds like a made-up name for a suburban street in Australia but that really is what it’s called. It turned out that it was quite the celebrity street, Mount Gambier’s MP lived at one end and the local racing commentator lived across the road from us.

5SE was a real step up from my first radio job at 2PK in Parkes NSW. Parkes covered a population of 33,000, 5SE’s total service area had a population of 85,000. The town had a daily newspaper (in Parkes it was every other day), a speedway circuit and it’s own commercial TV station.

Things were looking up, we still didn’t own a car but one year into my professional radio career, I was on a radio station more than twice the size of the one I’d started on and we were living in the Beverly Hills of Mount Gambier.

Craic on!

You can hear what I sounded like back then here


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