What’s on the Box?


Today’s flat screen TVs are so narrow, you can’t put things on top of them. When I was a kid, all sorts of stuff used to live on top of our telly. There were ornaments, photos in frames and after my mother did night school classes in flower arranging, her latest “arrangement” would take pride of place up there. That was particularly annoying because while we were all sat round watching some family entertainment like David Attenborough showing us the mating habits of giant tortoises on the Galapagos Islands, she’d notice a fern had drooped and would get up, stand in front of the screen and adjust the fronds while we all yelled, “Get out the way!”

What I don’t understand is, now that TVs aren’t wide enough to put anything on them, why are Pay TV decoders advertised as “set-top boxes”?

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