Talking Heads


Some radio DJs are incapable of pausing. Instead of making a statement, letting it breathe and then moving on, they seem terrified of there even being half a second of silence. Some even breath in loudly through their teeth to make sure they’re making some kind of noise in between sentences. They’re like the bus in that movie “Speed”, they think if their talking drops below fifty miles per hour, they’ll blow up!

A lot of radio presenters don’t understand that listening to the radio is a linear experience. You can really only concentrate on one thing at a time. If I throw you three tennis balls at once you probably won’t catch any of them but if I throw them to you one at a time, you’ll catch all three. Listeners tell us they hate it when DJs talk all over their favourite songs but they keep doing it and can’t even wait till the song finishes before they talk again. In the UK they play radio station imaging over the intros and DJs talk all over the beginning AND the end of songs. I once heard a Breakfast jock on a national station talk all over the intro AND the last thirty seconds of “Yeah Yeah” by Georgie Fame. That song is only two minutes forty-nine seconds long, he talked over almost half of it!

I think it’s all because lots of radio presenters started out doing mobile discos. Disco DJs cross fade the songs, never leave a gap and talk all over intros. If there’s silence, the whole room stops and looks at the DJ. They don’t like being looked at, that’s why they end up on the radio.

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