Floody Hell!


“Human dipsticks” is how the American comedian, Jon Stewart described them. He was talking about news reporters who have to stand in flood water to do their piece to camera. “If I was standing here this morning the water would have only come up to my ankles, now as you can see, it’s almost up to my waist!”.

The first reporter to do this has a lot to answer for, they all do it now. Talking of copying, why do they all say that the river has “burst it’s banks”, it hasn’t! Journalists who are supposed to pride themselves on their accuracy, quite happily trot out this completely made up, fake news. Did they actually see a bank “burst”? Nothing burst, the water went higher than it’s banks and over-flowed, that’s all. They make it sound as if a levy broke or a dam was Barnes Wallaced!

Jon Stewart was right, they are dipsticks.

Craic On!

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