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The flashing blue lights came towards me, the police car stopped and one of the officers told me to get in. It was 1994, I was presenting the Breakfast show on 5SE Mount Gambier in South Australia. The two bedroom house we rented was a couple of miles from the radio station, we couldn’t afford […]

“Debbie” from Aberdeen has just endorsed me for “broadcasting” on Linkedin. I’ve never met Debbie and have never been on the radio in Scotland. What does it all mean? Does she listen to my show on the internet? The truth is, I just don’t ‘get’ Linkedin. Every day I get contact requests from people I’ve never […]

Radio is a very competitive game, that’s why radio people don’t like taking holidays. In 1994, I was presenting the afternoon Drive show on 5SE Mount Gambier in South Australia. The Program Director was Pat Fleming, he was my boss. He also presented the Breakfast Show, the most important show on the station. I knew […]

What annoys you the most about travelling by train? A list came out today of the top twenty things that we hate about travelling by rail. I was amazed to see that the thing that winds me most did not make the list. I hate being stuck next to the nutter, every train has one. […]

Being British but working on the radio in Australia was always a bit tricky. In 1994 I got lucky, my boss, the Program Director at 5SE Mount Gambier was a bit of an Anglophile and understood my sense of humour. His name was Pat Fleming and as well as being PD, he was the host […]

Is it a Sport?


Why is THAT a sport? A lot of people have been asking that question during the Winter Olympics, mostly about curling. So what is a sport? The dictionary defines sport as, “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment”. That definition is a […]

In August 1994 I started on the air at 5SE in Mount Gambier in South Australia. We found a nice little two bedroom house to rent on Boomerang Avenue. I know that sounds like a made-up name for a suburban street in Australia but that really is what it’s called. It turned out that it […]

Surely the most bizarre sport at the Winter Olympics must be curling. It’s on the telly again right now. I can’t believe this is being beamed to space from Russia and then shown all over the world. The thing that annoys me the most about curling is that it’s strangely hypnotic. Once you work out […]

“The lock-up where our stuff is stored has been broken into!” That’s what Julie said to me after she got off the phone from the removal company. In August 1994, we’d moved from Parkes in the Central West of New South Wales to Mount Gambier in South Australia. Mount Gambier is over a thousand kilometres […]

I won’t be buying a ticket on Virgin Galactic. There’s a lot of confusion about Richard Branson’s plans to send paying customers into space. That’s probably because of the way it’s being reported. The media seem so keen to jam a buzz word or scientific sounding phrase into their reports that they’re just getting things […]

The first time I listened to 5SE Mount Gambier, I was a worried man. My second job in radio was there, it was August 1994. Mount Gambier is over a thousand kilometres away from Parkes in New South Wales where we lived. Julie and I didn’t own a car so had to rent one. “I […]

I upset a publicist today. It was all because of perspective. I noticed I had an email with the subject line “Interview with George Clooney”. Hey, I’d LOVE to interview George Clooney so I clicked on it and was disappointed to find out that I was being offered a pre-recorded interview with George Clooney to […]

We were surprised when the removal bloke turned up on his own. It was the night before we moved 1038 kilometres from Parkes in New South Wales to Mount Gambier. He told us he was going to sleep in his truck but first he was going to the pub over the road to “hire” someone […]

Today’s flat screen TVs are so narrow, you can’t put things on top of them. When I was a kid, all sorts of stuff used to live on top of our telly. There were ornaments, photos in frames and after my mother did night school classes in flower arranging, her latest “arrangement” would take pride of […]

Every radio job I’ve had has meant moving hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of kilometers. I finally got offered my second radio gig in August 1994. I’d been doing the 2pm to 7pm shift at 2PK in the Central West of New South Wales for about a year. We’d moved 356 kilometres from Sydney […]

Talking Heads


Some radio DJs are incapable of pausing. Instead of making a statement, letting it breathe and then moving on, they seem terrified of there even being half a second of silence. Some even breath in loudly through their teeth to make sure they’re making some kind of noise in between sentences. They’re like the bus […]

I got interviewed for my second radio job while I was doing my first radio job. In August 1994, I’d been working at 2PK in the Central West of New South Wales for about a year. I was on the air when I got a call off the air from Steve Whelan the General Manager at […]

Floody Hell!


“Human dipsticks” is how the American comedian, Jon Stewart described them. He was talking about news reporters who have to stand in flood water to do their piece to camera. “If I was standing here this morning the water would have only come up to my ankles, now as you can see, it’s almost up […]

I thought I was going to get the sack every day of my first paid radio job. It was 1993 and I was hired to present the Breakfast Show at “Hits and Memories, 2PK” in the Central West of New South Wales. They started me on the afternoon/drive shift and moved me to Breakfast when […]

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