Smoke Screen


Modern smokers are such amateurs. Years ago people who smoked looked like they knew what they were doing. The cigarette and the smoke became a part of who they were. They held it confidently like it wasn’t actually on fire, never consciously thinking about it or looking at it. They could hold a conversation and knew when the ash needed flicking and would flick it without looking. Yes, that’s it, old time smokers never looked at the cigarette. Smoking was romantic, cool and sexy. Smokers looked like movie stars.

Modern smokers look awkward and uncomfortable. They look at the cigarette all the time and even turn their hand to look at it from slightly different angles while they’re talking to you. Ash flicking is done clumsily as if they’re trying not to burn themselves or anything around them.

Where have all the really good smokers gone? – Oh wait, don’t answer that.

Craic on!

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