Dirty Windows


I’ve had enough of Windows computers. Every time I buy a new one, it comes with a different operating system that doesn’t work properly with the programs I ran on the computer it replaced. There’s a constant threat of viruses, spyware & malware. The terror of being wiped out by a virus is used to make me pay for anti-virus software that I have to keep up to date. Then once a week it slows the whole thing down while it “scans for viruses” that it should have picked up in the first place. If the the computer decides to give up, I lose everything on it and if I want to throw the computer away, I don’t know what to do with it because sensitive information might be stored on it.

I’ve switched to a Google Chromebook. I know this sounds like an advert for Google but I don’t care. The operating system NEVER needs updating and it’s immune to all viruses. I don’t need Microsoft Office because it’s all here and free, word processing, spread sheets, Google’s version of Power-point, the lot. My Chromebook was a quarter of the price of it’s nearest rival and all of my stuff is now available securely on any computer anywhere in the world, even a Mac, even if this one blows up right now while I’m typing.

It’s curtains for Windows.

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