How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain Part 23.


Where does inspiration come from? I know for me, it’s the things that are going on around me that find their way on to the radio.

It’s always been that way. When I was studying at The Australian Film Television and Radio School, we had a comedy writing assignment. I had to write a pilot for a radio sitcom. I had never attempted anything like that before.

I was a Brit living in Australia and if everything went well, I was about to make a major career change. The Republican Movement was growing and there was talk of a referendum on removing the Queen as Head of State.

All of these elements combined for the sitcom I wrote. This was 1993, my show was set in the future, the year 2000. That was the year the monarchy was abolished and the British Royal family were forced to get proper jobs. The idea was that each week a different Royal would try their hand at a new job with disastrous (and hopefully hilarious) consequences. In my pilot episode, which we recorded and produced, the Royal Family arrive at a Job Centre in Earls Court and have to deal with a stroppy bloke behind the counter who just happens to be an Australian.

I thought it was pretty funny but what I really liked was the title I came up with. The name of the sitcom was, “Windsor Change”.

Craic on!

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