Shut-up Shop


Shopping on the high street is so twentieth century and let’s face it, a bit rubbish. I tried to buy a laptop computer on Saturday but the big department store I went to were out of stock of the model I wanted. It’s not an unusual make or model that I’m after, it’s the one they have on DISPLAY! They did call around their other stores but the only one they found in the entire country was a returned one. It was at their branch in Newbury, 58 miles away. Unfortunately, although it only took Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins three day to get to the moon, forty-four years on, a laptop cannot get from Newbury to Hitchin in four days. They said they wouldn’t be able to get it to me before Christmas.

I went home, ordered a brand new one online (£50 cheaper) and it will be delivered tomorrow. I really should have done that in the first place. I wouldn’t have had to drive, find a parking space and get rained on. When high street shopping goes the way of the dinosaur, the horse and cart and video rental, will anyone actually miss it?

Craic on!

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