Scama Lama Ding Dong


Julie got caught out by a bogus phone call today. It was someone claiming to be from Vodafone. They said they’d looked at the calls we make and data we’ve been using and could switch us to a cheaper plan. Before they could do that, they needed to ask a few security questions. These included the usual things like, full name, address, mother’s maiden name etc. Julie was suspicious so she refused.

She called Vodafone to check if this was some sort of scam and sure enough it was. The people at Vodafone said she’d done the right thing by not giving up any details and by reporting it. She wanted to warn other people so she wrote about what had happened on Facebook.

Less than an hour later, her phone went again. It was someone claiming to be from Vodafone with the same routine. This time she got really angry and said to them. “Look, you’re NOT from Vodafone, I’ve checked and this is a scam!” There was a pause followed by uncontrollable laughter.

It was my mate Rodger who’d seen the Facebook post and decided to have her on.

Craic on!

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