Jammy Dodger


I heard the radio station travel reporter say “The A1(M) in Hertfordshire is busy southbound this morning. It’s due to sheer weight of traffic”. Sheer weight of traffic? I was checking out what a competing radio station was up to when I heard this bloke blame THE TRAFFIC for the traffic!

To be fair he isn’t the only one, lots of radio station travel reporters use traffic as an excuse for traffic. I bet that some people have heard it so many times now that they’ve started to believe that traffic IS caused by traffic. It’s strange because no one would blame overcrowding in hospitals, prisons or schools on “sheer weight of patients, prisoners or children”, instead we demand that the state builds enough hospitals, prisons and schools to meet the demand. Why is no one saying build more roads to meet the demand?

It’s not as if there isn’t room for more road. Take the A1(M) in Hertfordshire for example. There’s only three lanes in each direction. There’s room for a lot more. For a start, who decided that one of the busiest roads into and out of the nation’s capital needs to be one lane narrower to make way for a landscaped section in the middle? Yes, the central reservation, it even has trees planted on it! And “reservation”, who’s it RESERVED for exactly? It’s against the law to walk across a motorway so how are you supposed to get to this promised land? Either side of the road there are grass verges, another TWO lanes worth. Then there’s two hard shoulders that could be turned into lanes.

It’s not as if you always need the same number of lanes heading in each direction. In the morning the three lanes heading north are almost empty. In the evening it’s the other way around. The answer is simple; tarmac the whole thing right across. This would create eleven lanes. Then install a narrow movable barrier. In the morning you could have ten lanes heading south, one lane heading north. Move the barrier across in the afternoon and you’re all set to have ten lanes heading north, one going south or whatever the demand in each direction called for.

Traffic is not caused by “sheer weight of traffic”, it’s caused by a “sheer lack of ideas”.

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