What’s in a Name?


At first I was really pleased when I asked the bloke who fixed my central heating what radio station he listens to. From what he told me about his favorite on-air features I could tell it was the radio station I’ve just started working for. Then he called the station “Dave”.

The name of the radio station is “Jack”. Every time I corrected him, he looked at me sideways as if I was the one who’d got it wrong. He said he listens all of the time and loves listening to “Dave”.

We have a “station voice” who reads all of the on-air slogans and does some funny lines in-between the songs. They’re recorded three times a week, each session takes about ten minutes. We edit them up and a computer plays them out. As far as this heating engineer is concerned, they’re all done live. “He works SOME hours that bloke! Every time I turn on the radio, there he is!” he said.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who work in radio about what this bloke said and all of them are flabbergasted. I don’t know why they’re so shocked and stunned. Do they know how their central heating works? Can they name the make of their boiler?

Craic on!

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