Britain’s planned switch-off of FM radio will probably cost lives.



“Radio was the primary source of information for many people with power out to much of the city”. That’s what Dallas Gurney, the General Manager of Newstalk ZB from New Zealand said.

He was speaking at the New York Festivals International Radio Program & Promotion Awards in June 2012. Newstalk ZB had just won Gold for “Best Coverage of a Breaking News Story” for ZB’s coverage of the Christchurch earthquake.

If there’s a civil defense emergency or a terror attack in Britain and there’s no such thing as FM radio, how are people going to get life saving information? Wifi hot-spots, 3 and 4G will be overloaded so there’ll be no internet radio or mobile phones (as happened at the Boston Marathon bombing). If the power goes out, the batteries in DAB radios will be flat within hours.

We shouldn’t be talking about switching off FM, we should be talking about making FM radio receivers mandatory in all mobile phones.

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