ImageWhat exactly is involved in connecting broadband to a modern town center flat? Whatever it is, it’s a BIG job. So big, it takes a MONTH. That’s how long they say it will be for my service provider to hook me up. I’ve been with them for years, they’ve always been rubbish but this time they’ve even out-rubbished themselves. I arranged for our account to be transferred to our new address two weeks ago but still they say it won’t be on until the 28th November. That’s a full calendar month after I told them we were moving.

So now we’ve moved and we’re offline. It’s a whole different way of life. Information on the internet travels at incredible speeds but for us right now, it’s the slowest way to get anything done. If Julie writes and posts an airmail letter to her mum in New Zealand tomorrow, it will get there on Thursday but if she writes her an email, it won’t be there till the 28th November. If we phone for a pizza, it’ll be here in twenty minutes, order online and it will arrive on the 28th November. I can walk to the bank on the high street, pay any bill and be back home in less than half an hour but if I want to pay my credit card bill online, I’ll be charged interest because I can’t pay by the due date. Internet shopping takes even longer. I can fly to Amazon’s HQ in Seattle Washington, personally pick out an item from their warehouse and be back home with it in less than three days but if I want to buy the same item online, even with next day delivery, it won’t be here till the 29th.

Right now it feels liked we’re Amish, but I suppose going without makes you appreciate things a lot more. There is pleasure in anticipation. My main source of joy right now is looking forward to being able to search for things on the web again. I already know what the first thing I’ll type into a search engine will be, “How do I switch internet service providers?”

Craic on!

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