Moved to distraction



The toast has popped up but there’s nothing to put it on to butter it this morning. The breadboard has been packed. We’re not moving house for another three days but Julie likes to get ahead of the game. Right now she’s making another run to the tip, her second of the day and all before I’ve even had breakfast.

We’ve moved lots of times but this one is a bit different. This time we’re moving out with less stuff than we moved in with. It’s all thanks to advances in technology. Boxes of cassettes, mini-discs, DAT’s and even CDs are being ditched along with their players. FM radios and TV sets are going too; we haven’t used them much since we got iPads.

Thanks to our smart phones; voice recorders, alarm clocks, MP3 players, digital still and video cameras, a satnav, wrist watch, torch and even our landline phone have been sold on Ebay.

Only a handful of books are making the move but the strange thing is, even though I haven’t owned a record player for years, I’m keeping all of my old vinyl singles and LPs. I know they won’t get unpacked at the other end because they weren’t unpacked here. I’d say that puts me ahead of the game because technically, they were packed before the breadboard.

Craic on!

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