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I look back at the six months I spent at the Australian Film Television and Radio School as the happiest time of my life. I couldn’t believe I was there, studying something I loved instead of fixing other people’s air-conditioning. At AFTRS you’re taught by the very best of the best. The film students were […]

It’s amazing how different the world looks at different times of the day. Yesterday, I didn’t have to get to work till after 7:30am. I start on the Breakfast Show on Jack FM in Hertfordshire next week so it was a useful exercise. I sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic southbound on the A1 like a lot […]

The 26th January 1993 was a real scorcher in Sydney. It was a public holiday called Australia Day and at North Sydney Town Hall, the Mayor was wearing his full ceremonial robe, chain of office and shorts. He was hosting an Australian Citizenship Ceremony. Julie and I swore an oath with about fifty other people […]

If you hate being forced to use hot air hand driers in the toilets at motorway service areas, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve worked out how to never have to use them again. Before I let you in on the secret, here are my top three reasons to hate hot air hand driers: […]

During the first part of 1993, we were living in a rat and cockroach infested one bedroom flat in Lane Cove, Sydney. I didn’t have a job or a car, we’d never been so broke. We’d also never been so happy. I was studying broadcasting at The Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). We […]

Strange Policy


I don’t understand why people buy so much insurance. One of the blokes who came around to give us a quote on moving house told me that he owns a rare numbered copy of The Beatles White Album signed by all four Beatles. He stuck his chest out and said, “I’ve got it insured for […]

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word ‘sacrifice’ as, “an act of surrendering a possession or slaughtering an animal as an offering to a deity”. We sacrificed  a lot in 1993, so that I could study full time at the Australian Film Television and Radio School. I quit my job and without my wages, it […]

“Radio was the primary source of information for many people with power out to much of the city”. That’s what Dallas Gurney, the General Manager of Newstalk ZB from New Zealand said. He was speaking at the New York Festivals International Radio Program & Promotion Awards in June 2012. Newstalk ZB had just won Gold for […]

We had to make some sacrifices when I got on to the commercial radio course at the Australian Film Television and Radio School. We now didn’t have any transport. I’d quit my job as an air-conditioning mechanic so I didn’t have a work van anymore. We didn’t have a car and without my wages coming […]

In physics, the ‘Law of Conservation of Energy’ states that the total energy of an isolated system cannot change. It is said to be conserved over time. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form. For instance chemical energy can be converted to kinetic energy in the explosion of a stick of dynamite. We went furniture shopping today and it reminded me of something my dad told […]

When I made the decision to become a radio presenter, some of the people around me had a harder time accepting it than I did. In November 1992, I found out that I’d made it on to the top broadcasting course in Australia. The commercial radio course at the Australian Film Television and Radio School […]



What exactly is involved in connecting broadband to a modern town center flat? Whatever it is, it’s a BIG job. So big, it takes a MONTH. That’s how long they say it will be for my service provider to hook me up. I’ve been with them for years, they’ve always been rubbish but this time […]

My radio career still hadn’t got off the ground in late 1992. I’d been doing community radio for over a year and sent demo tapes all over Australia but no one would give me a radio job. I knew that unless I got on to the top broadcasting course in the country, I was going […]

The toast has popped up but there’s nothing to put it on to butter it this morning. The breadboard has been packed. We’re not moving house for another three days but Julie likes to get ahead of the game. Right now she’s making another run to the tip, her second of the day and all […]