Before we met.


Today Julie and I are celebrating our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. We got married in a little stone church near the water in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.

We’d met a couple of years earlier at a wedding in Whangarei. I was with a load of my mates at the reception at Glenbervie Pipeband Hall when I spotted her on the dance floor. I asked her to dance and the rest of the room disappeared.

It turns out though that we had met briefly about an hour before that. The bloke getting married was a mate of ours. We knew he drove a white Hillman Hunter so my mates and I found it in the car park and were out there, “dressing” it ready for when the bride and groom drove off in it. We’d tied beer cans to the bumper, and written “Just Married” on the boot but we’d only managed to draw love hearts on three of the four doors before we ran out of lipstick. Two girls, workmates of the bride, arrived to go to the nighttime part of the reception. I asked if we could borrow their lipstick but they refused point blank and walked off. It turns out; it was Julie and her friend Lorretta.

After our first dance, a slow song came on, we held each other and swayed. Then we sat down and talked for the rest of the night. We didn’t notice anything else; we didn’t even notice the bride and groom leave.

At the end of the night, Julie persuaded Lorretta to drop me off at my place on their way home. As the three of us drove out of the car park, the headlights of Lorretta’s Mini lit up a white Hillman Hunter. Beer cans were tied to the back, “Just married” was written on the boot and love hearts were drawn on three of the four doors. The bride and groom had left hours earlier; we had dressed THE WRONG CAR!

I never did find out who THAT Hillman Hunter belonged to but I did find who I belong to.

Craic on!

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One Response to “Before we met.”

  1. 1 William Parkes

    Why am I not surprised, wrong car I ask you

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