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  No matter how hard you work and how determined you are, sometimes it just takes a bit of luck. When I found out that I’d made it through to the third and final stage of the selection process to get on the top broadcasting course in Australia, I was worried. I’d broken the rules to get […]

“Feelin’ nearly faded as my jeans”, is a great line from the song “Me and Bobby Mcgee”. That’s exactly how I felt that day in 1992. My only hope of getting into radio full time was to be accepted as a student at the Australian Film Television and Radio School. That seemed highly unlikely; the […]

Radio Daze When I got to the studios, of 2SM, it was surreal. They put me in a brand new studio next to a big window that looked out over the magnificent Sydney Harbour. There were only a few distant wispy clouds that summer evening; the water was electric blue and the clear sky provided […]

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join them It was late 1992, I was still earning my living  from cold air, not hot air. I’d sent demo tapes to every commercial radio station in Australia and I was presenting a weekly show on a community radio station but wasn’t being paid. I heard about The Australian […]

Hope and Glory Napoleon Bonaparte once said “The leader’s role is to define reality, then give hope”. Isn’t that what we all need on a regular basis, someone to give it to us straight and then inspire us? Without a clear view of reality we can become deluded and make bad decisions or even worse, […]

Ticket to Ryde Newton’s second law of motion states that a force, acting on an object, will change the object’s velocity by changing either its speed or its direction or both. – I found an old cassette today from 1991, the year I decided to change speed and direction. I was 27, living in Sydney […]

The whole world is out to lunch. No one is paying attention! Yesterday I woke up late, didn’t shower or shave, sat in front of my computer and checked my email. It was chilly so rather than putting the central heating on, I put on my hooded sweatshirt. I opened an email sent at 10:03am from a […]

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to work with the public. I was in my local supermarket the other day and noticed a sign in their pharmacy that said, “Flu jabs £7”. There was no one in there so I walked in and asked for one. “You have to book” said the heavy set woman of Eastern European […]

I saw a job advert today that said “We’re looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated Broadcast Engineer”. I have worked in broadcasting for a long time; I know that whoever wrote that ad has never met a broadcast engineer. I wouldn’t describe any broadcast engineer I’ve worked with as “enthusiastic”. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked […]

Animal Magic


I saw an amazing thing on Saturday. Our friend Dr Alison Cronin, who runs Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset, gave Julie and I a private tour of the park. It was early in the morning, before they opened the gates to the public. As we walked past one of the enclosures, one of […]

Before we met.


Today Julie and I are celebrating our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary. We got married in a little stone church near the water in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. We’d met a couple of years earlier at a wedding in Whangarei. I was with a load of my mates at the reception at Glenbervie Pipeband Hall when I […]