That’s the way to duet


Ultravox & Simple Minds are doing a UK tour together. That kind of makes sense, if you like one, you probably like the other. I wonder if the tour will be called “Ultra-Simple”? Probably not, musicians have been teaming up for years but combining their names doesn’t seem to happen. Queen and David Bowie didn’t become “Queen David”, Elton John and Billy Joel went on tour together but didn’t call themselves “Elton Joel” and Dusty Springfield’s duet with the Pet Shop Boys isn’t by “Dusty Pet Shop”.

It’s a real shame because over the years, we could have had some classics; if Roberta Flack and Jack Jones recorded together they could have been “Flack Jack”, a pairing of Johnny Cash and Maria Carey would have brought us “Cash and Carey” and if Randy VanWarmer dueted with Van Morrison, they could have been called “Randy Warm Morris Vans”.

I wonder if they’ve stayed away from combined names in case Dire Straits and Chris Rea ever decide to team up. I’m not sure anyone would pay to see “Dire-Rea”.

Craic on!

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