In My Liverpool Home



There was a tear in my eye as I drove into Liverpool. I haven’t lived in the area since 1983 and as I headed along Edge Lane, The Beatles song, “In My Life” came on BBC Radio Merseyside,

“There are places I remember                                                                                                       All my life, though some have changed”.

I’m here to fill in for Sean Styles on Radio Merseyside. It’s the first time I’ve been on what was my local radio station. Although I’m only keeping Sean’s seat warm while he’s on holiday, the people who called into the program made me feel so welcome. Most called me “Gray” and were only too happy to share great stories. I felt as if I was talking to family.

The city has changed a lot since 1983, parts of it are modern and vibrant and historic buildings have been brought back to life. The thing that hasn’t changed a bit though, is the warmth and the humor of the people. They’re still the lifeblood of the place and the custodians of its legacy.

“All these places have their moments                                                                                     With lovers and friends I still can recall                                                                             Some are dead and some are living                                                                                          In my life I’ve loved them all” 

Craic on!

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