John, Paul, George and Jimmy.


In 1964, Jimmy Nicol replaced Ringo in The Beatles for a series of concerts. He was elevated from relative obscurity to worldwide fame and then back again in the space of a fortnight. Jimmy’s story proves that sometimes ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities are just that, but it doesn’t mean that if you blow it the first time, you won’t get the chance to come back and eventually get it right.

In the last Craic I told you about when I missed two penalties in a charity penalty shoot-out, in front of a full house at Anfield. I didn’t know it at the time but the Liverpool fanzine ‘Red All Over The Land’ who had organized it, would ask me back the following year. Second time around, I didn’t miss.

Over the last twenty years, I’ve worked on radio stations all over the UK and Australia, but I’ve never been on my local station, the one I listened to growing up, BBC Radio Merseyside.

When I’m not on the air, thanks to the internet, I have the choice of thousands of radio stations, but I always find myself listening to Radio Merseyside. I particularly like listening to Sean Styles, he speaks pure scouse. I suppose it still sounds like home to me.

Five years ago I got the chance to audition for BBC Radio Merseyside. And…I blew it. The pilot show I did that morning was terrible, luckily it wasn’t broadcast. Just like the first time I got to take penalties at Anfield, when I finally got my chance, I muffed it.

Well that ‘once in a lifetime’ chance has come up again. Sean Styles is going on holiday for two weeks from Monday (2nd September) and they’ve asked me to fill in for him. Talk about pressure, I’m filling in for SEAN STYLES!

I’m determined not to let Sean down, not to let the radio station down but above all, not to let the people of Merseyside down.

I hope you can listen between 9am and 11:30 for the next fortnight. Let’s hope I don’t do a “Jimmy Nicol”!

Craic on!

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