Cheryl Cole’s Rosy Cheeks


I read a great tweet this morning from @KateRobbins. It said “Cheryl Cole’s new body art shows she’s going through that awkward age ‘the Terrible Tattoos’”.

I’m not sure why Cheryl decided to make her bum look like part of a Royal Doulton tea set but if she did it to be different, she’s made a mistake. It used to be that the only people that got tattoos were sailors, bikers or prisoners but now everybody’s got them; doctors, lawyers, accountants, even the Prime minister’s wife has a dolphin on her ankle!

Ozzy Osbourne once remarked to his daughter Kelly, ‘If you want to be different, don’t get a tattoo.’ Sadly Kelly wasn’t brave enough to take his advice but years later in an act of pure rebellion, had a lot of her tattoos removed.

The world has become divided into two kinds of people: those who don’t have tattoos, and those who are afraid of those people who don’t have tattoos. My decision not to pay good money and sit for hours in pain while a stranger enlivens my back with lotus blossoms, ghouls, moonbeams and Chinese characters makes me an outsider. I’m different, an outlaw, a rebel, a maverick, an outcast. Not having tattoos should be regarded as an expression of individual freedom but tattooed people label me as a freak or attention seeker. It’s unfair; us un-tattooed people are in fact just normal hard working sensitive members of society and should be treated with the same respect as tattooed people. 

I hope that the day will finally come when I can go for a loan or job interview and not be discriminated against just because I’m different.

Craic on!

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