Hi-low Silver!



I once heard advertising defined as a way of suspending disbelief just long enough to sell you something.

‘The Loan Ranger’ starring Johnny Depp as Tonto is released in British Cinemas today. I’ve noticed that none of the posters say anything good about it. That’s right, none of the usual “Movie event of the year”, “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry” or “Greatest story ever told” stuff. Instead the posters just state facts; “Johnny Depp is Tonto”, “From the team that brought you Pirates of the Caribbean” and “In Cinemas August 9”.

It could be because of the advertising codes which are regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority. In 2012 nearly 3,700 ads were changed or withdrawn, mostly because they made claims that were misleading or could not be substantiated.

This week Disney admitted it faces losses of up to $190 million (£124 million) on ‘The Loan Ranger’ so claims that it’s any good would be difficult to prove.

I had the same problem a few years ago. We made a TV commercial for the breakfast show I was presenting on TFM Radio at the time. The gospel jingle singers in the spot sang the line, “The best breakfast show is on the air”. Because of the advertising codes there was a problem with the word “best”. According to the ratings, the show was the most listened to commercial radio breakfast show in the market but that didn’t prove it was the best. The word was cut and in the re-sung TV spot, the jingle had a slight pause followed by ” The breakfast show is on the air”.


The daft thing is that the word “best” was left in the jingle we played on the radio. It was played multiple times and reached many more people than saw the TV ad.

I understand why the advertising of films is heavily regulated. If someone drives across town and pays money to see a film and it doesn’t do what it said it would, you could argue that they were mislead and are due a refund. But radio is free and comes to you.

Craic on!

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