I saw a convertible in the hard shoulder today. The driver had pulled over to put the roof up because it had just started to rain. It reminded me of when I got caught out once and a misunderstanding that got lost in translation.

For my birthday a couple of years ago, we decided to have a weekend in Italy and hire a classic car. I chose a 1965 Jaguar series one E-type, roadster. It arrived on a trailer at our hotel in Rome and is still the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen, cream with a blue roof and gleaming chrome bumpers. The plan was to drive from Rome across to the east coast; stay the night in a hotel there, then back to Rome the next day.

When we set off the sun was shining so we had the roof down. As we wound our way into the Apennine Mountains that run down the length of Italy, the weather turned cooler, it clouded over and eventually started to rain. I managed to get the roof up without too many problems but as this was a 1965 British sports car, it wasn’t completely water-tight.

The rain got heavier, the Jag’s three windscreen wipers were going full pelt and I discovered that the biggest leak was above me where the top of the windscreen meets the roof. Water was dripping straight down onto me. By the time we got to our hotel, I had a large wet patch that covered the crotch area of my jeans.

When the friendly Italian chap showed us to our room he looked at my wet patch and said, “Bed wetter?” I said “WHAT?”

Then he repeated himself and I realized that in his Italian accent he was saying, “Bad weather”.

Craic on!

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