Treasons in the Sun


I have to be very careful what I say in this Craic because I don’t want it to look like I want the British monarchy to go. That’s because in 1841, parliament passed an act that makes the advocacy of republicanism illegal.

So let me just say this; if we want to keep the monarchy long enough for Prince George to be king, we’re going to have to come up with a better argument than the one about the royal family being good for tourism.

A recent study by the United Nations World Tourism Organization shows that Britain is the world’s eighth most popular tourist destination. We were beaten by Germany, Turkey, Italy, Spain, China, the USA and France. France is the world’s most popular tourist destination with 83 million visitors last year. Britain only had 23.9 million visitors.

If it’s true that having a monarchy brings in tourist, how come six of the countries that get more tourists than us are republics? The only one that has a reigning monarch is Spain. And really, how many of the 57.7 million people who visited Spain last year would not have gone if Spain didn’t have a king?

Maybe the monarchy’s affect on tourism has been confused over time. The truth is, having a monarchy can affect the number of visitors to one of Britain’s former colonies. If we didn’t have a monarchy, there would be no republican movement and according to the “Treason Felony Act” of 1848, the advocacy of republicanism is punishable by transportation to Australia.

Craic on!

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